How We Measure Against the Existing Learning Technologies

InteDashboard enables educators to implement core Team-Based Learning processes effectively, ensuring that the educators can streamline the flow of their classes and improve student learning and retention. InteDashboard is used by institutions to teach their TBL classes. Find out how we measure against other learning systems and tools.

Learning Management System vs. InteDashboard

Learning Management Systems allow institutes to manage students and courses. However, Learning Management Systems are not designed to implement core Team-Based Learning processes. Integrate InteDashboard with your LMS and easily execute Team-Based Learning classes.

Audience Response Systems vs. InteDashboard

Audience Response Systems allow educators to share learning material with students and setup polling. However, ARS is not designed to implement core Team-Based Learning exercises. InteDashboard allows you to do so, both in synchronous and asynchronous setting.

Paper-based TBL Methods vs. InteDashboard 

Educators have employed paper-based tools to implement Team-Based Learning, which involves printing tests, using of scratch-off cards to provide immediate feedback to teams and manually grading tests. With InteDashboard, you can execute all TBL processes on a single platform with just few clicks.

Build vs. Buy InteDashboard

Many institutes have felt the need to build their own system to build Team-Based Learning. InteDashboard was created to meet the needs of Duke-NUS Medical School. Today, InteDashboard is being used by universities globally to run their Team-Based Learning classes.